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Alcotest 6820 (set)

64800,00 MDL (VAT incl)

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    Set consisting of Dräger Alcotest 6820 professional alcotester + Mobile Printer

Important: The price shown corresponds to the set of instruments shown below, sold within the limits of available stock or for lots of more than 30 pieces, with the alcotester configured according to national requirements to be used as an authorised measuring device. Please contact us for information on the availability and price of sets consisting of other components and accessories, or for specially configured alcotesters.


The (standard) set consists of:

  • 1 pc. Alcotest A6820 (with 2 batteries and hand strap),
  • 1 pc. mobile printer (with 4 batteries and 1 roll of thermal paper),
  • 1 pc. large, hard case for storage/transport,
  • 100 pcs. standard mouthpieces (slide'n'click), without non-returning valve,
  • User manual (multilingual, including Romanian)
  • Calibration certificate for 182 days,
  • Metrological certificate for 1 year.


The Dräger Alcotest® 6820 is a fast and compact alcohol detection device that meets the strictest standards for professional breath alcohol detection. Thanks to the proven qualities of the DrägerSensor, this robust breathalyzer provides fast, reliable results in the toughest environments you face. Its standard version is configured in accordance with national regulations and is included under No. I-0969:2016 in the "State Register of Measuring Instruments" of the Republic of Moldova. The alcotester can also be adapted to international requirements on request (please contact us to find out about the possibilities).

The Dräger Alcotester Alcotest 6820 is easy to use, enabling you to perform breath alcohol tests simply and rapidly. All the measurement functions are operated with just one button. Easily understandable full-text messages on a large, backlit display guide you safely through the alcohol testing procedure. An LED and acoustic signals enhance the visual display and indicate when the test is complete and signal differently depending on the classification of the result. Two menu buttons are used for navigation and to record the statistical data. The expanded memory capacity of the Alcotest 6820 can record up to 5000 test results. An optical interface enables wireless data transfer to the Dräger mobile printer directly on site. In addition, via a USB connection and with a special software (optional, not part of the set) the data can be transferred to a PC.

The tried-and-tested electrochemical Dräger sensor is also used in the Alcotest 6820. This sensor features very rapid reaction times, high accuracy and a long service life. Even at temperatures of -5 °C and +50 °C, the analysis is always reliable. And, in case of high alcohol levels, the sensor delivers fast, safe results - with both active and passive detection. The sensor's increased lifetime of the order of many thousands of tests or of many years of use puts the Dräger Alcotest 6820 in a favourable light compared to other manufacturers' alcotests, including professional ones.

The Alcotest 6820 features a user-friendly and ergonomic design. Its compact shape makes it particularly easy to hold, and it can be controlled with one hand. Thanks to its contour, placing the mouthpiece of the Alcotest 6820 in its mount is intuitive, even in the dark. No matter whether it is for use by a right- or left-handed user, or for checking in traffic driving on the left or right, the display is constantly visible to the user. After use, removing the mouthpiece is just as easy and hygienic, with the device operator not coming into contact with the areas contacted by the person being tested.

The mouthpieces used are disposable, made of food-grade polystyrene, packed in individual packages. Their design and the way they are packaged and unpackaged make them particularly easy and hygienic to use, both for the person operating the alcotester and for the person being tested. The patented Dräger mouthpieces prevent any attempts at manipulation. Usually mouthpieces without valve are used, the version with valve (optional, not part of the set) is also available.

The Alcotest 6820 is specially designed for use in the toughest conditions, oriented towards professional applications in industry and law enforcement. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and high quality workmanship, and the robust materials it is made of, the instrument is highly resistant to the bad weather conditions (e.g. low temperatures or humidity) and is IP54 rated.

A wide range of accessories is available for the Dräger Alcotest 6820. The offered set has a large hard case for storage and transportation of the alcotester along with the mobile printer. Small ccases (optional, not part of the set), just for the alcotester, are also available. Optionally, on request, the batteries in the alcotester and printer can be replaced by accumulators (NiMH, equivalents of AA type batteries), and thanks to the ability of charging the batteries directly in the devices, you can recharge the batteries during breaks between tests using an power adaptors (optional, not part of the set) from the usual 220 Vac socket, or from the 12 Vdc socket in the car,. The provided by the manufacturer thermal paper used in the mobile printer guarantees the legibility of the inscriptions for 7 years. Thermal paper with guaranteed legibility for at least 25 years can be obtained on request (optional, not part of the offer). USB connector and special software for connecting to PC and reading data from memory can be ordered additionally (not part of the set).

Thanks to the unique combination of qualities of the Dräger Alcotest 6820, it is widely used by law enforcement agencies across the entire world. Not surprisingly, for many of us, the alcohol tests is also known by its AKA "the Dräger test".



Application Professional
Sensor Electrochemical cell, DrägerSensor
Calibration every 6 months (wet or dry gas)
Memory last 5000 tests with test number and date/time
PC interface available, through a USB-jack 3.5 adapter and special soft (optional, not part of the set)
Printing of test result available, mobile printer is included in set, optical (wireless) communication
Test modes Automatic, after blowing of speciffic volume of air /  passive sampling / manual sampling
Automatic sampling starts after Breath volume >1,2 l (pre-set)
Breath flow > 10 l/min (pre-set)
Duration of breath > 2 s (pre-set)
Displayed result Result as BrAC (Breath Alcohol Concentration) or BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration, conversion ratio 2100, pre-set), with indication of unit of easurement
Units of measurements mg/l, μg/100 ml, μg%, μg/l, g/210 l, g/l ‰, %, mg/100 ml, mg%, mg/ml
Result classification classification using 3 threshold values (pore-set) with additional LED / audio warnings
Display Graphic b/w LCD display with background illumination 41 x 24 mm (128 x 64 pixels)
Additional signals 3-color LED (green/orange/red), beeps
Messages / signals test result, units of measure, date/time, error messages, menu messages, battery charge level, additional audible signals, green / orange / red LED
Interface language Romanian (English, German also disponible as pre-set, ather languages - only as special ordering)
Power supply alcotester - 2 batteries type Mignon-AA-LR6; printer - 4 batteries type Mignon-AA-LR6 ( or equivalent NiMH accumulators - optional, nu part of the set)
Charging of the batteries in the device possible upon the purchasing of additional power adapters (not part of the set)
Number of tests performed on one set of batteries up to 1500 tests ion nomral conditions
Measuring range 0,00 to 2,50 mg/l (Ethanol mass per breath volume at 34°C and 1013 hPa.), warnings for out of range cases
Standard deviation of repeatability up to 0,50 mg/l - maximum 0,008 mg/l
> 0,50 mg/l - maximum 1,7 % of measured value
Monthly sensitivity drift tipically 0,4 % of the measured value / month
Start-up time 2 s
Measurement time depends on concentrations:  approx. 3 s  for 0 mg/l, approx. 10 s for 0,5 mg/l at room temperature
Waiting time until device is ready to use after a previous measurement 20 to 120 s :
    0,25 mg/l     20 s
    0,50 mg/l     40 s
    1,00 mg/l     80 s
    >1,50 mg/l     120 s
Weight alcotester - approx. 260 g
Dimensions 65 x 147 x 39 mm
Ambient conditions operating: –5 to +50°C, at 10 to 100% relative humidity (without condensation) and 600 to 1400 hPa
storage: –40 to +70°C
Protection type IP54
Approvals     CE Sign
    Approved NML R 126:2009 (OIML R 126 Evidential breath analyzers) - Republic of Moldova
    EU Police approval (EN15964)
    Compliant to EN 60068-2-27, EN 60068-2-6; EN 60068-2-64 for vibration and impact resitance
    UE Directive for EMC compliant (2014/30/UE)
Garanție     1 an - aparatul ca dispozitiv integral
    3 ani sau 3000 teste - senzorul electrochimic


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