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Alcotest 4000

10100.00 MDL (VAT incl)

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  • Category: Alcotests and drug tests
  • Brand: Dräger
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    Personal alcotester

Personal breathalyser for responsible drivers - a reliable way to test your blood alcohol level and drive safely. The delivery set includes:

    • 1 pc. alcotester Dräger Alcotest 3820 (batt. incl.),
    • 1 textile carrying and storage bag,
    • 3 individual mouthpieces (additional mouthpieces can be purchased separately),
    • short how-to-use instructions (the complete, multi-language manual can be downloaded using the QR-link in the device meeniu or from here),
    • calibration certificate (valid for 1 year).

The Dräger Alcotest 4000 is an upgrade of the well-known Alcotest 3820 and is based on the same measuring technology used by the police. Thanks to upgraded electronics, unlike the Alcotest 3820, the new Alcotest 4000 has shorter start-up, measurement and self-test times, and the new device's memory provides the data of not 10, but 400 last performed tests (results saved with unit of measurement, date and time as well as sample number).

Made of high quality materials and components and with a sensor lifetime of thousands of tests, for many years of use with guaranteed measurement accuracy. Ready to work in seconds and able of performing tests in extreme conditions: the temperature range allowed for measurements is from -5℃ to +50℃, with IP 52 for dirt and moisture resistance. Regardless of the number of tests performed, it requires only one calibration per year!

Highly accurate, EN 16280 (private use) and EN 15964 (EU police use - special order) certified.

With easily replaceable mouthpiece, which allows the alcotester to be used by more than one person while complying the hygiene standards.

Compact and stylish, with a display that makes it easy to read the indications, including for outdoor use and in bright sunlight, or in the dark, supplied with a pouch for carrying storing the device in the glove compartment of a car or your pocket.

Easy and simple to use. Reliable and trustworthy. The operating mode is similar to the Alcotest 3820:

Key characteristics
Application: Private
Sensor technology: Dräger Electrochemical Sensor / Fuel cell
Data storage: last 10 tests
Data readout via PC: ✗ (not available)
Charging of rechargeable batteries in device: ✗ (not available)
Print option: ✗ (not available)
Language selector: ✓ (Romanian - default, En/Sl/Sk/Bs - selectable, Ru,No,Da - only via service)
Tests Modes: active breath alcohol test (after exhaust of 1.2 L)
Mouthpiece: chngeable, Dräger Alcotest mouthpiece
Displayed Results: Breath Alcohol Conmcentration or Blood Alcohol Concentration in mg/L, permile etc.
Technical data
Measuring range: 0 ... 2.5 mg/L
Operating temperature: -5℃ ... +50℃
Display: LED illuminated liquid crystal b/w display, 32 x 22 mm (128 x 64 pixels)
Mesages / tones: test resul, units, date, time, battery level, errors, menu items, additional acoustic beeps
Connection port: micro USB (only for service)
Type of battery: 1 x CR123A
Number of tests from full battery: up to 1500
Protection (ingress) class: IP52
Calibration interval: 12 months
Start up time: 4 seconds
Analyse time after test sample: 3 ... 10 (at max. concentrations) seconds
Recovery time to be ready for next test: 20 ... 120 seconds
CE Sign
EU Police approval (EN 15964)
EU Private Use approval (EN 16280)
Shock resitant as per EN 60068-2-32
EU Directive EMC compliant
Housing: ABS / policarbonate, shock/scratch resistant
Dimensions (L x H x W): approx. 50 x 133 x 29mm
Weight: approx. 130g (with battery)
1 year - for the device as a whole
3 years or 3000 tests - for electrochemical sensor

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