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UV Air Cleaner UVAC 250

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    UV Air Cleaner UVAC 250

UV Air Cleaner UVAC 250 is a simple, robust and effective medical device for air disinfection in closed and open spaces.

The device prevents and combats, by physical methods, nosocomial infections transmitted by aerosols: viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc., including the infection with the Coronavirus.

It has multiple purposes:

  • Preventing the spread of infectious diseases through airborne transmission in enclosed spaces;
  • Disinfecting air with high microbial load and reducing the risk of contamination of medical staff;
  • Disinfecting the air inside public and social spaces, such as: kindergartens, medical facilities, nursing homes, industrial plants, the food industry and also in locker rooms, shops, warehouses, waiting rooms, crowded places.

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Silent and easy to use

Wall or ceiling mounting is possible. The medical device can be quickly installed and the air disinfection cycle begins. 

Environmentally friendly 

No chemicals used in process making. UV-C ensures residue-free disinfection. 

High resistance 

The device is made of stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and degradation under UV-C radiation. 


The UV Air Cleaner UVAC 250 is produced in the Republic of Moldova and certified as equipment for private or medical use. Download the certificate and the declaration of conformity HERE


Important: Due to the popularity of this product and our limited production capacity, please contact us in advance to order the UV Air Cleaner UVAC 250 and agree on the available delivery time.


Technical characteristics

Nominal voltage: 230 V 

Current frequency : 50-60 Hz 

Max. current: 2.5 A 

Noise level : 65 dB 

Disinfected air flow: 250 m3/h 

Size: 815x280x195

Maximum weight: 30 kg.


Warranty specifications 

UV-C lamps: 9000 hours 

Electronic ballast: 50000 hours 

Fan: 50000 hours 

Electronic module: 20000 hours 

Stainless enclosure: 50 years


Manufacturer: Labromed Laborator

Medical device is registered in the state register of medical devices of the Republic of Moldova: DM000367363 from 18.08.2022


Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) 65418: AIR DISINFECTION SYSTEM SDMA UVAC-250 NON-OZONE


GOLD MEDAL awarded to Mr. Alexandru MICU, scientific researcher, Institute of Applied Physics, for the scientific elaboration of the MEDICAL DISINFECTION DEVICE (ULTRAVIOLET AIR CLEANER) SDMA UVAC-250, XXVI-th International Exhibition of Inventics INVENTICA 2022, 22-24 June, 2022, Iasi, Romania

DIPLOMA of EXCELLENCE awarded to the Institute of Applied Physics, and „LABROMED Laborator” SRL from the National Institute for Research and Development in Electrical Engin, Institute of ENGINEERING ICPE-CA Bucharest, Romania

DIPLOMA OF TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFER AWARD awarded to “LABROMED Laborator” SRL – Moldova, in recognition of high scientific contribution and loyalty to the XXVI-th International Exhibition of Inventics INVENTICA 2022, Iasi, Romania

DIPLOMA awarded to “LABROMED Laborator” SRL – Moldova, director Mr. Alexandr ERMICEV, for the scientific elaboration AMBIANT/AIR DISINFECTION DEVICE (ULTRAVIOLET AIR CLEANER) UVAC - 250, from the Fondation ”Asociation Justin Capra”, International Exhibition of Inventics INVENTICA 2022, Iasi, Romania


Please note: The price shown is for reference. It corresponds to its basic machine configuration and for orders of 10 pieces or more. Please contact us for product availability and its exact price.

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